Poems That Inspire Us : December 18, 2011 Service

Unitarian Universalism draws from many sources

and UUs find inspiration in all kinds of places, including the poetry!

Poems Read by Members:

Ellen Ivy: It’s Today by Pablo Neruda

John Vosburgh: Black Elk’s Vision

Woody McDonald: When the Hearse Comes Back by James Whitcomb Riley, Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas, Host of the Air and The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats,

Linda Davis: Spring And Fall by Gerad Manley Hopkins

Terri Bsullack: House of Belonging by David Whyte

Christopher Richardson: I Found a Fresh Rhodora in the Woods -by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Song by Allen Ginsberg

John Hampton: The Rhythm of Time by Bobby Sands

Stepahnie RiCharde: The More Loving One by W. H. Auden

John Anfin: In the desert..., I stood upon a high place...,I saw a man pursuing the horizon..., A man said the the universe...Poems from The Black Riders by Stephen Crane, I Am Waiting by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Nathan Bowden: You Are the Everything by REM

Burt Lock: Forbearance by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mary Skutt: Nursery Rhymes

Killian Buckley: The Man Watching by Rainer Maria Rilke

Faith Vosburgh: Kubla Khan by Samuel Coleridge